What I see is canada goose store one guy who has a cause - Fotografer Pre Wedding Pernikahan Surabaya Sidoarjo Gresik Murah What I see is canada goose store one guy who has a cause - Fotografer Pre Wedding Pernikahan Surabaya Sidoarjo Gresik Murah
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What I see is canada goose store one guy who has a cause

by / Wednesday, 14 August 2013 / Published in Fotografi

Surface Pro reportedly has another glaring flaw with screen’s backlight bleed

All I see is “surface_guy” submitting the same thread he started at MS forums to other media sites, who then post said story, so that “surface_guy” can repost the article here in /r/surface, only to try to stir the pot again.What I have not seen is any substantial advancement of this story besides the MS forum thread started by “surface_guy” with a mere 80 responses and reposted/reblogged stories shared here.How many sites have you “tipped” on your thread that you started at those MS forums? I counting half a dozen. You then canada goose uk outlet re submit those stories here to try and show that this has legs, when it is you tipping them on your own outrage.So, no. What I see is canada goose store one guy who has a cause. So much of a cause, Canada Goose Coats On Sale I beginning to question if this is canadian goose jacket now astroturfing. Look, I really like the new Surface Pro buy canada goose jacket cheap and uk canada goose think it a really good machine. But I feel betrayed when they skim over these details when they are charging such a high price. It even more painful when they uk canada goose outlet don even give a response.I just want them to KNOW and to FIX it. Like they did for the Surface Pro 4 here:I want it to be canada goose better not just canada goose factory sale for me but everyone. And you are bashing me for having a hidden agenda or running some campaign.No, I just sad Canada Goose Parka that after more than canada goose black friday sale a month from product launch they are Canada Goose Outlet completely ignoring us. :(I never knew I didn have the right to be online and expect answers from the company I purchased a product from and people like you scrutinize me for it. Apparently you are now the Internet Police.Look, I will practically shut up and let this simmer on its own and see how it goes (and get a refund or exchange until they figure out a solution if they are figuring out one in the first place). The reason most of your readers don mention it or don care is because the black taskbar “hides” it and they have been only using it canada goose clearance sale mostly in landscape mode.The only reason I was reposting and resharing was to get somebody Canada Goose sale attention and at least have Microsoft hear about it to actually fix the problem.Because the real story here is the fact that the current stock of Surface Pro 4 do not have such a serious case of lightbleed (the first models did but then a few months later you notice its frequency decreasing as if MSFT did some changes to mitigate the issue). All we are asking as consumers is for MSFT to acknowledge it and develop a solution, not to get worse in quality with each generation of this line of products.But you canada goose uk black friday don see this apparently and all you see is https://www.canadagoosejacketonlines.ca just “me”. You call 250 canada goose coats on sale people wanting an answer from MSFT about the new Surface Pro only one month after cheap Canada Goose launch a “mere” number and just pass up us as worthless cry babies (it is the top most unanswered question in the MSFT forums on the new SP). In a premium product this display quality is not acceptable and MSFT has to be held accountable. I assume most of your readers who don complain and share your sentiment because they don want to see a problem and just straight out deny it, but whoever bought this device deserves a better display and it should have a solution as the recent SP4 is proof of it.Obviously, the issue is this bothers some while it doesn bother others (I have the lower “bleed” on two Surface Laptops, it minor, doesn bother me at all), canada goose outlet so that is where you get these disagreements on the issue. It tough vs. say dead pixels, which are imo glaring flaws that we all agree are awful.The question is, what is an acceptable level of light bleed? Some say zero, others say “some”, but there is no real way to quantify it. Even if we could, we still likely disagree on that quantity. It a tough issue, Canada Goose Jackets but raising it is good as Microsoft knows where to improve things going forward.I just wonder how many people are really being bothered by this. While there are a lot of threads here on topic, not a single person on Twitter or our email tips has even mentioned it which is weird. So while some are certainly bothered by which is their right I not canada goose coats sure this is a mass revolt of Surface Pro owners, which is how some here try to make it. I just trying to navigate that.

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