Thanks Square for this otherwise the gamr would be full of - Fotografer Pre Wedding Pernikahan Surabaya Sidoarjo Gresik Murah Thanks Square for this otherwise the gamr would be full of - Fotografer Pre Wedding Pernikahan Surabaya Sidoarjo Gresik Murah
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Thanks Square for this otherwise the gamr would be full of

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Jerakor u

9 points submitted 9 days agoA Computer Science grad can necessarily build functioning software just like a Mechanical Engineering grad can necessarily manufacture a car. They probably can do the work but you gonna get something more canada goose clearance like a Go Kart than a Mazda Canada Goose sale 3.I think this is a big gap in the understanding of a hiring manager on what people do for specific degrees. Make sure if you are hiring only recent college grads that you review the course listings online for a couple local schools for the degrees you think you would be looking for.I worked with someone cheap canada goose uk who had a PhD in Network Engineering, they didn know the difference between an RJ 45 and an RJ 12 Canada Goose online connector. That isn a flaw in their background it is just a fact that what they studied wasn how to wire a network but how an infrastructure should be managed.Jerakor 7 points submitted 15 days agoSearch for Top from the past month. It all garbage. There are some great things thrown in there that are special but it is mostly Screenshots and Fan Art.Item 31 is “Patch 4.4 coming mid September” 30 of the higher voted items are just screenshots, doodles and jokes.You know what is higher than that note on patch notes? A canada goose picture of a catgirl wearing clothes not available in FFXIV imposed over a picture of a real world sidewalk. Literally not even FFXIV content, just a catgirl that is labled as being “Miqo 74 is the 5th Anniversary official site. Item 85 is the FFXIV x MHW Collaboration video.So let canada goose coats be clear here, there are 6 items of Miqo fanart that appear before the official announcement of cheap Canada Goose the next patch. Garbage floods this subreddit and it makes the game look uk canada goose like an ERP catgirl chatroom instead of a video game. It is a funny joke except it really doesn look like it is a joke at all.IamRNG 1 point submitted 15 days agoIs it really dumb though? after a week of content being out, the amount of competent players doing it DRASTICALLY reduces in this game. That the blight of any game that requires teamwork. If you aren hopping on content in the first week, you WILL get left behind unless you luck out with a group. Speaking from multiple experiences.that being said, since this is the main sub buy canada goose jacket cheap we talking about, i highly doubt they doing it for those reasons so great community btw 6 points submitted 1 month agoHow do canada goose black friday sale I tell someone in my static that is dps is far too low without coming across like an elitist?We both play drg, and despite him having a buy canada goose jacket higher item level, I am consistently out dpsing him. Across all the static can clear (O5S and O6S) he always scores a consistant 9% in fflogs, whereas I am getting 50% on o5s and around 30% on o6s.Looking at the logs for each fight, he seems to be doing less of the standard rotation than I am (he casts 35 fang and claws in a fight, whereas I cast 41), however I think this may be due to skill speed.However, looking at his ofcds, he only uses jump 9 times during o6s, whereas i use it 19 times. This leads to him only using nastrond 11 times, whereas I use it 27 times. Obviously this is the main reason for him doing dps lower than me.I am also unsure how often he is using battle litany and dragon sight. All I know is that he doesn use litany in Canada Goose Jackets his Canada Goose Online opener (to not stack with mine), and that I sometimes have a dragon sight tether on me canada goose coats on sale (but he doesn use it in his opener).I want to help him do more dps, but I unsure how to tell him about it. An issue is that he is never on voice (always mutes himself), so I unsure if what I want to tell him will come across dickish in text form. Anyone got any advice?If someone showed up to a beer league softball game and just pitched off the Canada Goose Outlet plate the entire night people would canada goose clearance sale get upset. That is the same thing here. It is a game but it is Canada Goose Coats On Sale a game people play to win. It is fun to win, and it is awful when you only lose because one person isn really trying.Now there is a chance that this person is doing their best, at which point your raid as a whole needs to decide what they want to do. With DPS meters and FFLogs it is pretty clear if someone is underperforming. But if you clear the content and like the person then maybe you keep them around. 6 points submitted 1 month agoFilling the canada goose uk outlet same role doesn canada goose uk black friday imply having the same gameplay. Thanks Square for this otherwise the gamr would be full of clones excepted for their main weapon Canada Goose Parka design (though too many jobs already share the same look and secondary stats choice imho).Also in meta comp MCH doesn really compete with Bard. Bard is here forever. If anything we have to fight against the caster (mostly SMN). That why so few UwU clears have MCH so far, with caster LB being mandatory. (Though I think the 2nd clear had MCH/RDM iirc).

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