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pitch at the same time

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FFS lads, it’s Tuesday, Utd Liverpool was the early game Saturday and we have had plenty of dross draws since then. Can we move on and just accept that Utd away to Liverpool is gonna finish 0 0 for the next 427 years and talk about something else.Jose, I know you pride yourself on your defensive structure and pragmatism but please, just once, can you have all of Rashford, Martial and Lukaku on the pitch at the same time. Its not much to ask and, you know, we might win a big game if you didn’t put ten men behind the ball 95% of the time.

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Has nothing to do with being one of the leaders. I would hope every player on this team would play through injuries and do whatever they can to help us win, he added later. What hockey players do. Besides that idiot who attacked the cabbie in NYC you don really hear about muslims being attacked or hurt by angery mobs bent on revenge for 9/11. To complain about being check at the airport is silly this is the world we live in would you rather have a plane blowup. I think your assumption that all the people who disagree with the mosque are racist is just really silly.

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An important factor in Vela’s signing was the fact he will be able to continue playing for Real Sociedad through the end of the year before joining LAFC for preseason training in January, and the team’s first game in March. Signing a player in a World Cup year can be difficult, especially for an expansion team, because many do not want to change teams until after the tournament. By then LAFC’s first season would be half over..

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