I honestly want to see a video of you doing an incursion - Fotografer Pre Wedding Pernikahan Surabaya Sidoarjo Gresik Murah I honestly want to see a video of you doing an incursion - Fotografer Pre Wedding Pernikahan Surabaya Sidoarjo Gresik Murah
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I honestly want to see a video of you doing an incursion

by / Monday, 27 October 2014 / Published in Fotografi

I can’t remember when was the last time I felt engaged with and had as much fun as in Incursion

I said it in another thread, but I think the main reason why this league is so great is that EVERYONE can engage in all of the content. It not Talisman where you Canada Goose Outlet have to farm so many fucking Talismans just to get a shot at fighting a bossman. buy canada goose jacket cheap You not managing a canada goose uk black friday ton of leaguestones cheap canada goose uk or nets. You not praying to find that last fucking Uber trial. The choices are put right in front of you, take effect immediately after your incursion, and then after 11 runs you get to fight a big boss monster.This is also why I hate the suggestions of seriously nerfing her appearances when making it part of the main game. At WORST, it should be the suggestion of the 10% chance to appear, but then she appears in EVERY zone after that until you do a temple run. It is basically a magic rarity item with a unique incursion modifier. For example, rings with %+ hp, a shield with very large + Lightning damage combined into a single pre fix. You can get these special modifiers “naturally” on items. So in theory, they can provide a very good base to make a very powerful crafted item for certain players.However to get good modifiers to craft onto the canada goose clearance sale base item, the base item needs to be a decent ILVL. canada goose factory sale Thus lower level instances of those https://www.canadagoosepark.com upgraded zones are a bit pointless. Additionally, chasing perfect crafts is really an endgame activity for a niche set of players. Most players will indeed either ignore the drops, or try off load them cheaply. uk canada goose outlet I don even get the point of having it. Everyone who has a build that caters to the one specific mechanic has no problem and it may as well not exist and anybody else gets the shaft, it literally does nothing but force a playstyle/build priority that some of us don enjoy or don want to play. I playing impulsa and literally blow everything up as I warp around, yet there were times when I only got 5 7 seconds left to spare. Canada Goose Jackets A more average build would definately fail in those incursions so there definately should be some adjustments.Maybe give a catchup cheap Canada Goose mechanic like standing stones if you fail incursions. Like 1 stone per failed incursion up to 3 canada goose coats on sale for all your next incursion on current run.It canada goose pushes you to go a little uk canada goose faster. Yes, a tanky build might need to make sure they buy canada goose jacket have some movespeed and a quicksilver flask, but if you are killing so incredibly slowly that you can kill a bunch of mobs in 10 seconds, then you probably also having trouble clearing any maps.That aside my build uses Scorching Ray which despite being able to melt through map content at a not painfully slow pace requires a ramp up time for things like the architect and yellow mobs so unless I totally shift the emphasis of the build from being tanky to doing shitloads of damage up front instead of using the ability as it intended, a low investment moderate damage ability with canadian goose jacket the trade off of mobility and ramp up, the league content canada goose store is unplayable despite being perfectly viable in almost any other situation.If you are able to clear Zana timed missions, then you can clear temples. It may also have to do with Canada Goose Coats On Sale your technique. Start angling towards a door that you want to open, and go in a circle to come back around. Don go for the architect right away, you want to build up the time buffer. Make sure to bring a QS flask, and have some Canada Goose online movespeed on your boots.I honestly want to see a video of you doing an incursion. Because I played some slower builds in the past, and I Canada Goose Parka having a hard time imagining anything so incredibly slow that it can do incursions. But that was more because i went jug tectonic strike and the ability was just terrible. I tried really hard to make it work too. Ended up going staffs for the extra endurance charge generation and crit scaling. Used the eldershaper staff and got to like 900k ST. survivability was often a huge problem since i was constantly exhausting my endurance charges (something jug kind of relies on). The clear was just the worst since I had to canada goose uk outlet use kaoms for stun immunity and was leap slamming with a slaw af 2h while trying to kill things with a shit AE skill.

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