But it shouldn be a bannable offense - Fotografer Pre Wedding Pernikahan Surabaya Sidoarjo Gresik Murah But it shouldn be a bannable offense - Fotografer Pre Wedding Pernikahan Surabaya Sidoarjo Gresik Murah
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But it shouldn be a bannable offense

by / Friday, 25 October 2013 / Published in Fotografi

Ninja got stream sniped Lmao

I’m canada goose black friday sale a Lupo fan since D1 and have no problem saying he’s been very moody lately basically since he hit his viewership record a couple weeks ago (IIRC 12k?). He either gets super quiet and bitter when something doesn’t go his way, which isn’t fun to watch, or gets salty at chat which isn’t like him. and also not fun to watch.Ninja’s been pretty triggered of late, too. There are times when he’s been outplayed, or buy canada goose jacket cheap the other person pulled the trigger first, or he pushed to aggressively, and he buy canada goose jacket blames the game for screwing him. He’ll build a massive 1 wide bridge and when someone shoots it out, yell out “HOW?!”. Dude, I’m average at the game and that’s a no brainer when you see a giant, unstable ramp/bridge.I’m wondering if these guys are just burned out. Myth, daequan, and sypher are the guys I’m watching more recently since they don’t rage or get salty at chat the same way. All that said, I was watching ninjas stream sniper live and he was PISSED. Especially when it super buggy, is 90%+ RNG and is highly compatible with stream sniping. Not to mention whether or not the game is balanced to your preference.It also very hard to tell if someone is playfully joking or making some backseat smartass response with their 8.4 KDR unless they been Canada Goose Outlet around for a while and you know what they like.I wouldn be likely to stream FNBR because it triggers me constantly. I don even play it on my own anymore. I only play at the behest of friends. It easy to slam someone for getting mad at a game but anyone doing it is absolutely full of shit. What if everyday at your cheap canada goose uk work or your school something annoying happened to you? obviously the first couple times its whatever now imagine that being guaranteed to happen every single day. Eventually it gonna rub you the wrong way and you going to act out a bit from something that you normally wouldnI admit Lupo is a sensitive guy and takes Canada Goose sale chat way too seriously for being a twitch streamer. He had a bad last week or so and is having quite a few “breakdowns”, I think the biggest one was from his chat spamming about Ninja Canada Goose Coats On Sale success canada goose uk outlet and how he just beat Lupo duo record. He lets a lot of things get to him for no reason which is unfortunate but don say you “don get it”, canada goose coats it like anything in life that you have to deal with on a daily basis.Imagine a bunch of flies constantly buzzing in your ear for 8 hours a day eventually you going to freak out on one of the flies. I mean if you going to a stream to be negative maybe you shouldn go to Lupo stream (reasons mentioned above) for a little while. Taking into account Ninja makes probably 10x what Lupo does and then also having people come in and tell you that and just generally “shit on you” just because the other streamer is bigger and presumably better at a video game can get tiresome.The fortnite stream community is pretty awesome and canadian goose jacket Lupo is probably the most sensitive but to say he shouldn stream because he going through a rough patch is just wrong. A streamer who can get over 1k subs should be streaming because people want to watch.Go watch his streams no point in me trying to keep explaining, I don know it all nor do I care to. I enjoy his streams and you are just going to nitpick what I write anyways. Yes someone broke his record, not a big deal. 100 of uk canada goose outlet people rubbing that in your face that can be a big deal at times. Not for you to be glad or happy for the other guy canada goose just to bait you into having this sort of a reaction. Again I not explaining this Canada Goose Online very well and there plenty more that were the cause of this so canada goose outlet uk canada goose you saying the “sole reasons” line is what I talking about Canada Goose Jackets nitpicking. I trying to give a sample and you are taking it as more than that. I know one of his streams his kid had been sick the prior couple days and cheap Canada Goose that could contributed.Thanks again for what you wrote, it was https://www.canadagoose-jackets-online.com very nice and you certainly have some excellent points. Cheers to you as well!I can agree.First off, Streaming the game is not a requirement it a choice.2nd, you can set a delay on a stream, OBS lets you setup custom levels Canada Goose online of delay. canada goose uk black friday You can still chat up with your stream audience and play with a short delay that would largely prevent much of the stream sniping potential.3rd, it has nothing to do with the game itself. Yes it a dick move, yes it a shitbag thing to do, but no it not interfering with the game directly. It not a hack, or secret information, its willingly publicly accessible and displayed information. This is outside of Epic hands.This isnt the same level of teaming or actually hacking the game. Canada Goose Parka It doesnt do anything to the game client itself.Stream sniping is a dishonourable and shitty thing to do, yes. But it shouldn be a bannable offense.If you are publicly broadcasting your situation, you canada goose factory sale don particularly have any reason to complain or protest anyone who chooses to tune in, and may perhaps take advantage of your public appearances that you provide with no obligation.I play everyday with a Streamer who has his stream+TV name on his name. And if by chance we get stream sniped, no big deal really.If I didnt wanna get stream sniped, I wouldnt play on stream on a daily basis. But that a risk that I willing to take.

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